Friday Fictioneers (03.15.13; 100-word limit)

©Lora Mitchell

©Lora Mitchell

He leaves lilies. White stargazer lilies. An afterthought, a pure fingerprint on a grisly, horrid scene.

I watched the news to learn the women’s names, as if they pieced a puzzle that could be solved. Notebooks filled with scribbled writing and folders of torn newspapers, amounting to nothing.

The lilies haunted me. Earthly cousins to ethereal Milky Way, grounded stars, faces turned to heaven. Outcast from the Kingdom.

Everyone thinks he places them afterwards. But I opened my door to find them staring at me, necks craned upward in a silent dirge. Condolence for my loss, as I attend my own funeral.


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers (03.15.13; 100-word limit)

  1. Dear Flossie,
    I’ve come to expect a high level of quality from you. Today I’m not disappointed. Beautiful description, intrigue with a head-smacking chill at the end. Could say more good things but it would only be “gilding the lily.”

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