I am a person trained in creative writing who has spent the last few years learning to knit and design, and forgetting that I really enjoyed writing. This was not intentional, it just happened. It’s time to flex my writing muscles again.

Based on writer Erin Morgenstern’s Flax-Golden Tales series, in which she writes 10 sentences daily about a photo taken by Carey Farrell, I’ve decided the easiest and best way to launch myself back into writing is to do something similar. I wrote microfiction in college, and in truth, it is actually more difficult than macrofiction, but I’m up for a challenge.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photographer friend, so I will just use random flickr photos. You’ll forgive me if I pick my favorite of the lot.

Sometimes I may just use an image I like. That might happen more often than not. Flickr has a lot of self-portraits and landscapes to contend with.

I won’t be confining myself by the 10-sentence rule but instead will go by 250 words—essentially, a single written page.

There are instances where I may go over my word count limit, but I care less about that than I do about writing daily.

If you’re at all interested in knitting, you can follow my adventures in that arena here.


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